June 26, 2022



10 Gadgets Every College Student Needs

Every student knows for a fact that gadgets are essential to succeed. We live in a world that has everything for our convenience. You name it, management apps or the latest version of a smartphone, you don’t have to put an extra effort into ordinary things. You can do everything the old-fashioned way, but why bother if you can ease your daily routine.Of course, it is a question of habit. Some people really appreciate their stationery collection and moleskines. Others want to take a break from all things digital. Yet, having to drag a huge bag of necessities from one class to another can be irritating. As a student, you really want to focus on important things. You think “how to quickly write my essay” and “how to prioritize my assignments,” so saving time is a must. The current market has a wide range of gadgets that will help you save a penny and stay at the peak of your academic performance. You need to decide what to put in the top ten of your personal list.Do I really need them all?It’s true that the abundance of gadgets can also be overwhelming. You don’t have to panic-buy the whole list. It’s not about missing out but helping stabilize your daily routine. First and foremost, you have to set a budget. It is also helpful to look at different brands that might offer the same functionality for a different price. The gadgets helpful for design students would be drastically different from those studying education.Of course, it is also important to see your new gadget as an important tool. Your purchase should not only bring you joy but give you the most it has to offer. Anti-theft laptop backpackIt is a must for any student who commutes a lot. You never know how much time you will be away from home, and your backpack usually has everything you need for a day. Thus, you need to secure your things from being stolen on a busy morning bus. It is a good gadget for students who tend to lose things because you will know they are safe with this backpack.This purchase is helpful not only when you go to college but when you travel with just a backpack. Many brands offer shockproof and waterproof options, so you won’t worry a minute about your gadgets’ safety.External hard driveYou probably want your laptop to run smoothly and still keep up with all of your projects. It might not be the most stylish gadget in your collection, but it is definitely one of the most useful ones. Many design students who start working and balancing their studies would appreciate a hard drive with their projects. It may cost you a handful, but in the end, it will prove itself as an indispensable element of your daily routine.Laptop trayA laptop tray with fans can prolong your laptop’s life and keep it from overheating. It is also a good device to change your posture and use your laptop comfortably anywhere. Many trays have additional functions to charge your phone or use a USB carrier. It is a must for any student and young professional.The tray itself can have any shape or form, depending on the design, brand, and preference. You should consider your laptop parameters, and you can enjoy your purchase right away.SmartwatchA smartwatch allows you to quickly make voice notes, checklists, message your friends and even pay. You can find a variety of brands that provide you with functional and affordable solutions compatible with your smartphone. It is a good addition to keeping up with your health and tracking your sleep patterns and daily activities. Key finderIt is truly a blessing for those who tend to lose things. You can use a tracker not only for your keys but for any item you need to keep an eye on. It is a good investment to manage your backpack and house space, especially if you are an art student. GPS trackers come with apps that show you the precise location and a sound alarm to easily find the lost item.It depends on your smartphone and what brand would be compatible with it. In general, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a cheaper solution. Even if you have an iPhone, you don’t have to spend $20 on an air tag.Foldable Bluetooth keyboardIf you don’t like to take your laptop with you, but you have a tablet, this will be a time saver. It is easy to connect to your device and take notes or quickly complete assignments. A portable keyboard is a lightweight alternative for your phone or tablet. You can comfortably use it and quit worrying about not carrying your laptop around.Portable phone chargerIt goes without saying for students and specialists that you always need to be in touch. If you actively use your phone, it quickly runs out of battery. You probably have one already, but it’s good to have a powerful power bank. Look for a charger that says 20,000 mah, and it will serve you the whole day.You can also find a power bank with several inputs, so you don’t need to deliberate on what to charge first. A true blessing when you ran out of battery (but also a good way to help out your friends).Noise-canceling headphonesMany students find it hard to concentrate with external noises surrounding them. Whether you are in a library, at home, or in a coffee shop, you can easily focus on reading or writing your assignment. On the other hand, it is also helpful to practice mindfulness and meditation if you don’t have a personal space. Either way, you would appreciate having it around.Wake-up lightIt is a sunrise alarm clock that will help you wake up without having a small heart attack. Many people report that they either don’t hear the alarm clock or feel more distress than benefit from it. The mechanism of wake-up light is easy, as it changes from a red-tinted to white light, imitating a sunrise. It is a good option for students who sleep with blackout blinds.However, it may not be helpful if you have trouble waking up. In this case, you should consult with a doctor and review your schedule. LED book lightsIt is a must to save your eyes and not disturb your roommates when you stay up late. It limits lit spaces within a room and helps you to focus on a page. It is a useful way to reduce your electricity bills, too. The portability of the gadget allows you to take it anywhere you need.LED lighting solutions are really good for students. They serve long, they reduce your electricity bills, and they are just aesthetically pleasing. Summing upYour gadgets shouldn’t be just a reminder of all of your daily routine. You should find them functional in your further adult life. That’s why many of the entries are not exclusively designed for students. Every gadget is a good investment in making your life easier. When you reduce your stress levels, you can really work on something that matters. 

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