June 30, 2022



According to reports, Apple is working to offer hardware subscription service for iPhones and other products.

Apple is rumored to be working on a hardware subscription service that would allow customers to rent iPhones and other products in exchange for a monthly charge. The iPhone Upgrade Program, which will enable customers to upgrade to a new iPhone after making 12 monthly payments, is already available from the tech giant. Other Apple products, such as earphones, the Apple Watch, or the iPad, could presumably be included in the new service.According to Bloomberg, Apple’s hardware subscription service is the company’s boldest push into automatically repeating purchases to date. Sources told the publication that the software  is in the early stages of development, but no other details were given.The program might make Apple products more available to a wider range of customers, particularly those on lower incomes who can’t afford to buy Apple devices outright or don’t have good enough credit to qualify for financing or the Apple Card.We also don’t know how this hardware subscription service will affect Apple’s relationship with wireless providers. Will carriers lose money due to being removed from the buying loop?AppleCare and Apple One are two further factors that could make the service intriguing. Bundling both with a discounted hardware subscription service could make each product more appealing on its own.Would you be interested in such a subscription service, or are you satisfied with the present purchasing options?The new hardware subscription service could be available by the end of the year or 2023.

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