June 29, 2022



Apple offers solution to the iOS 15.4 battery drain issue

We have reported in previous reports that several users are facing battery drain issues after updating to the iOS 15.4 update that Apple has rolled out on March 15. The latest iPhone software comes with significant features, including unlocking the iPhone with a mask on. However, users who promptly updated their iPhones to the most recent version were shocked when the battery on their iPhones was dying more quickly than normal.Normally, iOS updates come with battery drain issues. However, the California-based Cupertino giant never tells about the reasons behind this. Nevertheless, the company has accepted that the battery drain is an issue for the first time. The company further provided an easy solution.The company has responded to a user who was complaining about the iOS 15.4 battery drain issue through its Support account on Twitter. It verified the problem and stated that it is “normal” for applications to adjust to the latest update, thereby using more power than normal.As per Apple Support,“It’s normal for your apps and features to need to adjust up to 48 hours after an update.”The verification that iOS 15.4 results in the battery running out more quickly further provides the solution. The Cupertino giant has recommended its users give time to their iPhone after the iOS 15.4 update and allow the applications to settle down.Simply put, Apple asks users to keep their iPhone charger and a power bank convenient all the time. I would suggest utilizing a power bank with fast charging support certainly. Their iPhone gets a complete battery in less time.The company further advised that users should wait for 48 hours, during which the applications on their iPhones are going to adjust to the recent modifications. However,  if they discover the iOS 15.4 battery drain problem remains following a couple of days, the company also recommended restarting the iPhone. However, if the users still face the same issue, they may need to connect with the company through online chat support; otherwise, they can further visit the nearest Apple service center.

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