May 29, 2022



Apple to release AirPods Pro 2 and new colors for AirPods Max later this fall

In his most recent newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman wrote that Apple is likely to roll out a pair of high-end AirPods 2 before the end of this year. Mark Gurman further confirms the news that Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro is under development, and the Cupertino giant is expected to roll out the device later this fall.Apple first released these AirPods Pro three years ago, and now the company is likely to give them a refresh.Mark Gurman stated in the newsletter,“The current model has been on the market since fall of 2019, so the batteries are already probably in trouble for some early adopters.”However, we don’t have many details about the second-generation AirPods. But, according to sketchy rumors, the latest model is expected to come with a slimmer stemless design, a fresh charging case, and a couple of health-fitness features.As per another latest rumor, the next-generation AirPods Pro probably have support for lossless audio. The existing AirPods Pro came with features such as active noise cancellation as well as an adjustable fit to the premium earbuds of Apple.Moreover, Apple released the original AirPods in 2007, next to the iPhone 7 in 2017. From that moment, the AirPods have become the most famous actually wireless earbuds on the market. The AirPods series contains the entry-level AirPods 2, AirPods 3, AirPods Pro, and the AirPods Max.Apart from that, Gurman additionally added that the California-based Cupertino giant is likely to roll out the AirPods Max in new colors in the next couple of months. Even though an update for the over-ear headphones is not rolling out in the near future, Mark Gurman further expected to perceive a downturn in prices for the current model.Though AirPods Max has been admired for its audio quality, people smashed the company for charging $549 for the over-ear cans. The company was also expected to release a $399 AirPods Max. However, there is no official information about the affordable model.

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