June 30, 2022



Apple will pay $15 to iPhone 4s owners for intentionally slowing down the phones

Apple users sued California-based Cupertino giant years ago to intentionally slow down the iPhone 4s devices following it released its iOS 9 update back in 2015. And now, the company has ultimately decided to resolve these six-year-old court proceedings and agreed to pay $15 to each impacted iPhone 4s holder. A group of iPhone 4s owners from New York and New Jersey filed this class action back in December 2015. According to the lawsuit, the performance of the iPhone 4s slowed down considerably when users downloaded the iOS 9 update. Moreover, that group of iPhone 4s users had further alleged that the compatibility of Apple’s iPhone 4s with the iPhone 4s was erroneously advertised.California-based Cupertino giant had announced in its ad that the recent iOS 9 is “faster and more responsive”; however, nothing like that occurred with the iPhone 4s. In fact, the performance of the iPhone 4s was deprived as soon as the users downloaded the update.Moreover, the lawsuit read,“Plaintiffs collectively filed the operative Complaint in this action alleging that the Class was harmed when consumers downloaded iOS 9 onto their iPhone 4S devices after being exposed to Apple’s allegedly false description of the new operating system. Plaintiffs contend that Apple misrepresented that iOS 9 was compatible with the iPhone 4S and would improve or “enhance performance” for its customers that downloaded the software update. Instead, Plaintiffs contend, iOS 9 significantly slowed down the performance of their iPhone 4S devices.”According to a report issued by MacRumours, the company had kept $20 million separate to pay off iPhone 4S owners in New York as well as New Jersey, who had been accused of strangling the iPhone 4s performance.Apart from that, users who think they are eligible for the settlement will have to submit a proclamation saying“that, to the best of their knowledge, they downloaded iOS 9, or any version thereof, onto their iPhone 4S… their iPhone 4S experienced a significant decline in performance as a result, are entitled to a payment of $15 per applicable device.”Apart from that, those users are further going to be required to provide their name and email address along with their iPhone 4S serial number. It is also reported that a specific website will be developed for customers where they will be able to submit the form and take the amount from the company.

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