November 28, 2022



Apple will soon start resolving Face ID issues without replacing your iPhone

Apple may soon replace the Face ID component of its iPhone devices, rather than entirely changing the smartphone itself, it has emerged.

Apple has informed Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers that it has discovered a way to repair the TrueDepth camera component, according to a memo obtained by MacRumors.

The company has recently offered users replacement iPhones when Face ID is no longer functioning or has sustained damage. However, users without Apple Care coverage will provide a much more affordable option than buying a brand new iPhone. On the other hand, the memo made no mention of how much the parts and repairs will cost customers.

It allows Apple to reduce the amount of otherwise usable devices discarded due to their inability to be fixed.

While the Face ID component was first introduced on the iPhone X, the new repair option will only be available to owners of the iPhone XS and more recent models the following year. With the iPhone 13 this year, Apple lowered the notch, although it’s unclear whether this made the procedure of replacing the TrueDepth camera that enables Face ID easier or more difficult.

The start date for the repair program is unknown, but according to MacRumors, Apple has alerted employees that training materials will be distributed soon.

In other news, Apple is still making Face ID more user-friendly. Face ID with a Mask is included in the upcoming iOS 15.4 update, eliminating the inconvenience of unlocking your phone or validating a payment while wearing a mask. The business had previously given Apple Watch wearers a break.

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