June 29, 2022



Coca-Cola reportedly hacked by Stormous group: Here’re details

According to recent reports, a hacker group Stormous has stolen 161 GB of data from Coca-Cola if we believe these reports are true. After getting this data the group has also put the data on sale on the dark web. The reports stated that the data contain the financial data of the company along with accounts and passwords. Stormous group has reportedly sold this theft data for $64000.After this incident, Coca-Cola released an emergency examination in this regard. The company further has notified law enforcement about this event. According to a statement given by the company to The Record, it has accepted that it is “conscious of this matter” and is currently examining the violation to find out the find out of the authenticity in the allegation of the hacker group.Moreover, Stormous group had recently made breaking news recently for hocking support to Russia in its attack on Ukraine. And at the moment, the group attempts to sell the data taken from Coca-Cola via its online portal.Stormous group further reports that it has 161GB of data around the finances and accounts of the organization. According to a message of the group on Twitter, it is open to selling the data in bits, and the amount of data is going to base on the type of data that the purchaser desire.The invasion on Coca-Cola was seemingly carried out following Stormous get a vote on its Telegram account, inquring people which organization it should target first. As per a  Security Affairs report, Coca-Cola got 72 per cent of the votes and define the objectives  for the hacking group.Apart from that, the invasion indicates that the group possibly is financially impelled. However, it makes it obivious that it is vulnerable to attacking organizations without the requirement for any ransom money. For the time being, it has verified one reason that it is its support for the Kremlin in the current Ukraine attack.The group has posted a message online back in March, according to which it is going to adopted measures against “any party in several parts of the world” which regulates a cyberattack against Russia. The group additionally claims that it had hacked the government of Ukraine along with a Ukrainian airline in the past. And apparently the group is active since the beginning of the year. Moreover, the Stormous group posts the majority of its messages in Arabic language.

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