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Customized Cell Tax On Imported Telephones, All Calculations & Exemptions

Hey guys, On this article I’ll let you realize how one can calculate customized cellular tax on importing cellphones from abroad of Pakistan. As you realize the Authorities has imposed taxes, large taxes on bringing the cellphones from abroad. This implies both you import by a web site or your relative/buddy purchase that for you and produce it to Pakistan. Whether or not mobiles are new otherwise you’re already utilizing you need to pay tax on these cell telephones on the airport. I’ve talked about these situations under by which you gained’t should pay tax.

First I’ll let you realize about how one can calculate customized cellular tax, which cellphones are exempt from these taxes and when cellphones will likely be tax chargeable and when not.

To begin with, there are various kinds of taxes you’d pay. There’s a provincial tax in case of Punjab Province,  some customs and glued taxes. Let’s suppose for those who deliver a cell phone to province Punjab, there’s an additional tax you’ll pay named as Provincial Tax whose worth is 0.9% of the entire cellular value. E.g in case your cellular worth is Rs 10,000, you’ll pay Rs 100 because the provincial tax to Punjab Authorities. Different provinces are exempt from this tax for those who go there immediately.

Varieties of Taxes in Customized Cell Tax

As I discussed earlier that there are various kinds of taxes you’ll should pay on cellular. There are some fastened taxes and a few are primarily based on the cellular’s complete value.

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Fastened/Analysis Cell Tax

  • Gross sales Tax: Rs 1500/-
  • Customized Obligation = Rs 250/-
  • Further Gross sales Tax  = 3% of complete cellular value
  • IT Tax = 9% of complete cellular value
  • Provincial Tax = 0.9% of complete worth of cellular


The mobiles telephones in between the worth vary of Rs 10,000 – Rs 40,000 will likely be imposed a levy tax of Rs 1000/-. A cellular which is within the value vary of Rs 40,000 to Rs 80,000, there will likely be Rs 3,000 of levy tax you’ve to pay. Mobiles that are over Rs 80,000, levy tax will likely be imposed of Rs 5000.

In regulatory tax, there are 3 variations, if the cellular value fall within the vary of $1 to $60, there’s a tax of Rs 250/-. If the cellular value is between $61 to $130 then 10% of the entire cellular value is chargeable. But when the cellular value is over $130, 20% of the entire cellular value will likely be imposed on a cell phone as a regulatory tax.

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Customized Tax Calculation Instance

Let’s suppose there’s a Samsung cellular whose value in Rs 95,000. If you happen to deliver that cellphone to Pakistan. I’ll display how a lot tax will likely be payable on that cellphone and you can even calculate on different units utilizing these calculations.

Tax Calculation

  1. 1500 – Gross sales Tax
  2. 250 – Customized Obligation
  3. 5000 – Cell Levy Tax
  4. Rs 95,000 * 3 / 100 = 2850 – Further Gross sales Tax
  5. Whole Worth 95,000 * 9 / 100 = 8550 – IT Tax
  6. 95,000 * 20 / 100 = 19000 – Regulatory Tax
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Whole Payable Tax (Excluding 0.9% of complete value tax if cellular is dropped at Punjab province)

1500+ 250+ 5000+ 2850+ 8550+ 19000 = Rs 37150/- Tax Payable on Rs 95,000 Cell Telephone

These are the compound taxes you’ll should pay whenever you deliver/import a cell phone in Pakistan. By following the above methodology you may calculate customized cellular tax on imported smartphones.

Telephones that are exempt from Tax

Any cellphones utilized in Pakistan earlier than 1 December 2018, no obligation will likely be imposed on these smartphones. Furthermore, the essential factor to know is that, If you happen to deliver just one cellphone then no tax will likely be payable on that (this situation is met for those who deliver one cell phone in a single yr to Pakistan) However for those who deliver a number of telephones in Pakistan, One cellphone will likely be exempt from tax and all others will likely be tax payable telephones.

One other factor is that for those who don’t keep greater than 30 days in Pakistan even then no customized tax is chargeable in your cellphone, however keep in mind, these telephones will get blocked for native networks if the keep exceeds the 30 days in Pakistan.

That is all it’s essential to find out about calculating customized cellular tax on imported smartphones.

InfoGraphic Customized Cell Tax Calculations and Varieties of Taxes

Guys check out this entire info loaded info-graphic for straightforward understanding