June 26, 2022



Download Checkra1n Windows iRemovalra1n Jailbreak (NO USB)

Hi guys, the iremoval pro team has released the checkra1n windows without bootable USB or Linux; it’s named iremovalra1n.

This complete guide will show you how to jailbreak iPhone with checkra1n windows iremovalra1n step by step without USB on a Windows PC.

Before you start the jailbreak process, you need to confirm that the checkra1n jailbreak supports your device.

The checkra1n jailbreak is a hardware-level jailbreak that supports the devices from iPhone 5 to iPhone X. You can see all the supported iPhones below.

Supported Devices for Checkra1n Windows iRemovalra1n Jailbreak

Check the list of all checkra1n jailbreak supported devices below, thecheckra1n jailbreak now officially fully supports A9 – A9X and A10 devices, as well as, partial support for A11 devices by skipping the BPR check.

Supported iPhones Supported iPads Supported iPods
iPhone 6 / 6 Plus iPad Pro 12.9 (2015 / 2017) iPod Touch 6
iPhone 6S / 6S Plus iPad Pro 9.7 (2016) iPod Touch 7
iPhone 7 / 7 Plus iPad Pro 10.5 (2017)
iPhone 8 / 8 Plus iPad Air 2
iPhone X iPad 5 / iPad 6 / iPad 7

Checkra1n is supported from iOS 12  to iOS 14.8.1, and later it’ll be updated for checkra1n iOS 15 when the jailbreak comes for iOS 15.

Also, check that the checkra1n jailbreak supports your device and the iOS firmware. For that, go to settings, general, about; here, you can see both the iOS version and the model number. As you can see, I am on iOS 14.8 on the iPhone 7 GSM.

Now, let’s start the process to jailbreak iPhone with checkra1n windows iremovalra1n; there are a few prerequisites you need to do before you begin jailbreaking.

How to install checkra1n windows iremovalra1n jailbreak Without USB

Step 1. Download and install iCloud and iTunes

First, you need to download and install iCloud and iTunes from the Apple website; if you already have these on your computer from the Microsoft store, uninstall both and download iTunes and iCloud from the Apple website. Here is the direct link to download iTunes and here is to download iCloud, just skip the ad at the top right corner.

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Step 2. Install iCloud and iTunes

After these are downloaded, now first install iCloud and then install iTunes; once the softwares are installed, you need to restart your computer. The restart is a must; otherwise, you’ll see an error later that one of these is not installed on your PC.

So If you just installed iTunes and iCloud, restart your computer and return.

download itunes and icloud for windows jailbreak

Step 3. Download iRemovalra1n checkra1n windows tool

Now, go to this link, here just skip the ad at the top right corner, then It’ll take you to the download page; click on the download button to download iremovalra1n on your computer. It’ll show the download progress on the website, and when that completes it’ll show you.

download iremovalra1n checkra1n windows

Step 4. Turn off virus and threat protection

Once the checkra1n windows iremovalra1n is downloaded to your PC, it’s a zip file; you need to extract it. Before you extract the zip file, turn off the virus and threat protection in your computer because Windows takes it as malware.

To turn off that, go to the search icon, type threat protection, and open the virus and threat protection settings. Click on manage settings and turn off the real-time protection.

turn off windows virus and threat protection

You can also add this iremovalra1n folder in the exclusions section, so you don’t have to turn off the threat protection every time you are installing checkra1n windows with iremovalra1n.

Step 5. Extract and open iremovalra1n tool

After turning off, now extract the iremovalra1n zip file and go inside the extracted folder.

Double click on the iremoval pro setup file, It will take a couple of settings to turn on, and then you’ll find the jailbreak option on the left side.

iremovalra1n checkra1n

Step 6. Jailbreaking checkra1n windows with iremovalra1n without USB

Before you click on the jailbreak button, this is a new checkra1n windows tool, and you might find bugs in it while installing checkra1n jailbreak with the iremovalra1n tool.

It’ll ask you to install some drivers once or multiple times depending on how many are missing, then you need to install those missing drivers and repeat the process.

Let’s go further into the process of jailbreaking the iPhone with checkra1n windows iremovalra1n.

Step 7. Attach iPhone and install missing drivers

Now attach your device to the computer, hit the trust button on your device, and click on the jailbreak button. At this stage, if you haven’t restarted your device after installing iTunes and iCloud, it’ll ask you to restart your PC.

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And if you have missing drivers on your Windows PC, it’ll show you that error. I am being shown only the missing drivers error because I did restart my PC after the tools installations.

To install the missing drivers, click on the yes button on the error window, and it will start installing it. Make sure your PC is connected to the internet.

install missing drivers for iremovalra1n

This missing driver would popup other errors as well on your computer’s screen; once the drivers are installed, these will be gone, and some will stay, but those are just bugs.

Once the missing drivers are installed, it’ll ask you to restart your computer; I know it’s a bit annoying, but not more than the process to checkra1n windows jailbreak with bootable USD. So restart your computer and come back.

Step 8. Jailbreak iPhone with checkra1n iremovalra1n windows tool

After the restart, open the tool again and click on jailbreak. If all the drivers are not installed, you’ll be asked to install missing drivers again, so do that, restart your device, and open the iremoval checkra1n windows tool.

Once the checkra1n jailbreak opens on your screen, your device might not be connected with it; the device-connected message will not be shown on the checkra1n screen.

This time there are still some missing drivers on your PC. To repair them, click on the options and click on the fix driver option; it’ll repair all the missing drivers on your windows pc.

checkra1n windows no usb

As you can see, it’s showing welcome to iremovalra1n, and below that showing the device is connected.

Just continue to follow this guide to jailbreaking iPhone with checkra1n windows using iremovalra1n below.

Step 9. Allow untested version and skip BPR check

In the options, click on the allow untested iOS versions option if your version is above 14. And also, enable the skip BPR check option if you’re on iPhone 8 and above devices. Before enabling this option, turn off any passcode, touch id or faceid on your device, and keep in mind that after jailbreaking by skipping the BPR check, you won’t be able to set a passcode, etc.

But there is another way of setting a passcode. I already have published a tutorial on that; here is how to set the passcode on checkra1n jailbreak iPhone. This is how checkra1n works for iPhone 8 and above devices.

Once you see your device is connected message, any error you see, just skip that; these are just bugs.

Now to jailbreak with checkra1n iremovalra1n for windows, click on the start button, and the process to jailbreak with checkra1n is the same as before.

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Step 10. Continue the process to jailbreak checkra1n windows with iremovalra1n

Click on the Next button; you’ll see things happening on your device. It will be entered into the recovery mode first. After that, you need to enter it into the DFU mode. You’ll see the instructions on the checkra1n windows screen to enter into DFU mode. These might be different based on your device.

Click on the start button, press and hold the power and volume down button, release the power button after four seconds, and keep holding the volume down button for more than 7-8 seconds. Once the message turns blue, release the volume down button as well.

checkra1n windows jailbreak without usb

A few seconds later, it’ll start jailbreaking the device, again, as it’s a new tool and got some bugs that lead to jailbreak failure.

Step 11. Fix the checkra1n windows jailbreak is stuck

If you feel things are stuck for a longer period on the exploiting device, you need to force restart your device and jailbreak your device again.

fix checkra1n jailbreak iremovalra1n stuck freeze

On the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and iPhone X, to force restart these, press and release volume up, then press and release the volume down button, then press and hold the power button. You’ll see the Apple logo once its force is restarted.

If you got iPhone 7 and 7 plus, press and held both the power and volume down buttons simultaneously until you see the Apple logo.

Press and home the power and home button to force restart for any other devices.

Once the device is restarted after the checkra1n windows iremovalra1n process is stuck, restart your computer.

After the PC and device restart, you need to repeat the checkra1n iremovalra1n process, as I just showed you. On the second attempt, probably you won’t face any stuck issues, but if you do, you need to restart the devices and repeat the process to jailbreak with the checkra1n windows tool.

iremovalra1n checkra1n tool no usb

I am not repeating the stuff, so here you can see that I got checkra1n installed on my device after another attempt.

Open the checkra1n app, install Cydia on your device, and enjoy the jailbreak after installing tweaks.

Here is the list of 100+ best Cydia tweaks you can install, along with the top 10 most essential Cydia tweaks you must install right after the jailbreak.

This is how to jailbreak iPhone with the checkra1n windows iremovalra1n tool without bootable USB or Linux on your Windows computer; leave a comment below if you see any errors.

[Video] Install Checkra1n Windows Jailbreak iRemovalra1n iOS 14.8.1 Without USB, Run Checkra1n iRemovalra1n