May 29, 2022



Google is going to remove all call recording applications tomorrow

The search giant Google has announced to ban all call recording applications from its play store the previous month. The company is ultimately pulling off all those applications from its Play store tomorrow, May 11. However, the smartphones with default call recording features will not be impacted by this change.Apple has been against all the call recording applications and services for a number of years. According to California-based Cupertino giant, recording calls is awful for users’ privacy. Consequently, Google shows a loud and clear alert on both sides ahead of recording starts on the call recording feature on its Dialer app. The message read, “this call is now being recorded.”The company has explained that the modification is only going to impact third-party applications. So, the call recording feature on Google’s Dialer app is still going to work in case it is available in your region or device.Google further made clear that any built in Dialer application with a call recording feature is going to function completely normal. The applications with a call recording feature accessible on the Google Play store are going to be removed.Truecaller removes call recording featureOn the very next day when the search giant Google confirmed that it is going to ban of call recording applications, Truecaller disclosed pulling off the call recording ability from its platform.As per a statement given by a Truecaller spokesperson,“As per the updated Google Developer Program policies, we are unable to offer call recordings any longer. This will not affect devices that have call recording built into the device natively.”The spokesperson further stated,“We had introduced call recording for all Android smartphones based on overwhelming consumer demand. Call Recording on Truecaller was free for everyone, permission-based and required users to enable the feature using the Google Accessibility API.”

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