June 26, 2022



Here’s how fraudsters use WhatsApp to trick people and steal their money

WhatsApp has allowed its users to make payments to anyone using UPI-based applications. The process of sending and receiving money is rather easy. Users have to scan a QR code, enter the amount and send it to the receiver.WhatsApp is currently offering this service without charges, which is pretty nice. Although it is a very handy feature for people, scammers have additionally created their approaches to deceive people to make some money.Several cases have previously been reported online involving the same. Online frauds are getting surged as more and more people become digital. QR codes are one of the most commonly used approaches used by fraudsters to cheat people.WhatsApp scam: What you need to know about QR codes WhatsApp users only need to use a QR code when they have to make a payment to friends, shopkeepers, or any service. Moreover, users don’t need to scan a QR code to get money. This is something that most users are yet not conscious of, and tricksters make use of.For instance, if a user has to sell a product using online websites, you will have to add all the information on the platform. This is where fraudsters can reveal to you that they are interested in your product and then act as a purchaser.Subsequently, they could share a QR code with you on WhatsApp and request you to scan the code through Google Pay or any other UPI-based service to get the money in the bank account. This is going to cause big trouble for you. And you will end up paying the money to the fraudster rather than getting it.However, if you are one of them who doesn’t know how online payment works, you will fall into this trick and lose money. This is the most commonly used trick. Do not forget that scammers have several methods to deceive people. Consequently, you have to be very cautious while making any traction online.Apart from that, Meta’s instant messaging platform even lets you save any contact through a QR code. Accordingly, users must share their WhatsApp QR codes with only those they have complete trust. It’s feasible for someone to forward your WhatsApp QR code to additional people, who might add you as a contact via scanning your code.

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