November 28, 2022



Here’s what to expect from Apple’s upcoming iOS 15.4 update

The California-based Cupertino giant Apple is going to launch the stable build of its recent operating system iOS 15.4 the current week. The tech giant has announced this during Peek Performance event in the previous week. This recent iOS 15.4 update is anticipated to roll out with several latest features that beta users are utilizing for quite some time.

Here is what you should anticipate from the latest update: 

Face ID with masks 

The Cupertino giant is soon going to allow its users to utilize Face ID with masks, by recognizing users with the uncovered part of their face rather than the complete face. This is going to permit users to open their devices utilizing Face ID outdoors where removing face masks could be dangerous. The feature is going to function with glasses, however, it will not function with sunglasses.

Given that the feature is going to imply the scanning of a lesser part of the user’s face, the angle needed for a successful unlock is currently going to be more specific. The smartphone is going to display a prompt requiring user to look more directly into the screen in case the angle needs are not fulfilled.

New emoji

The most recent iOS 15.4 update is further expected to come with the latest emojis such as pregnant people, a melting face, hands forming a heart, a lip-biting emoji, a lotus, a low battery emoji, kidney beans, and many more. Total 37 new emojis are expected to roll out with the latest iOS 15.4 updates.

A new voice for Siri 

According to reports, the tech giant is further adding a fifth voice option for Siri, which we can say is for American users, and the new voice is likely to be more gender-neutral. The new voice called Voice 5 can be discovered and enabled by navigating to Siri and Search in Settings.

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Apple Pay authentication screen

Another feature that is expected to roll out with iOS 15.4 is a new Apple Pay authentication screen that is going to be shown when users utilize the double-click side button shortcut. However, the authentication screen is going to need users to either utilize their Face ID or enter their passcode ahead of using Apple Pay.

Moreover, the iOS 15.4 is also going to come with Tap-to-Pay which is going to let users accept contactless payments. This is going to permit businesses to merely utilize an iPhone to approve mobile payments. Any latest hardware is other than an iPhone.

Notes and Reminders receives Live Text integration 

Apart from the above mention features, the Live Text feature that was inserted in iOS 15 lets users take the text with the phone’s camera and paste it into other applications. The Notes and Reminders application of Apple already owns this feature however with iOS 15.4, users are going to receive the latest Scan Text command that they can utilize to immediately take advantage of the feature.