June 28, 2022



Instagram users soon will be able to pin posts on top of their profile

Photo sharing social media platform Instagram is reportedly functioning on the latest feature that is going to allow users to pin posts to their profiles. This feature is the same as users can pin notes on the top of their Google keep on the main screen. With this feature, users would be able to make it users to make their visitors know more about you rapidly by a couple of key posts.According to a recent report issued by TechCrunch, for the moment, the feature is only available for several users in the framework of the testing process. Moreover, these users are able to pin posts to the top of their profile just like they can pin tweets on Twitter as well as pin videos on TikTok. According to reports, the feature has been under development for a couple of months now.People who can currently use the feature will view a “Pin to your profile” option on the three-dot menu, also known as the context menu on an Instagram post.As per the statement given by the spokesperson from Meta to publication,“We’re testing a new feature that lets people feature posts on their profile.”In January, Twitter user Alessandro Paluzzi posted a tweet that spotted the feature. The tweet further told about what the pinning option from Instagram is going to look like.However, it is important to mention that users could still have to wait for a long time ahead they view the feature in action on their Instagram accounts. And the reason behind this the feature is presently under testing phase and is going to have to come to the stable version of the application first. The photo-sharing platform Instagram occasionally rolls out the latest features to different countries and regions ahead of launching them worldwide.

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