November 28, 2022



New law will make WhatsApp users to chat with Signal users: Here’re details

According to several reports, the European Union intends to implement a law to tie a noose around the neck of a gigantic technology organization. The European regulator disclosed a couple of information on Thursday about how it is preparing in order to do that.An exclusive Digital Markets Act is going to need all major messaging applications, including iMessage, Signal, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp, to become compatible. In other words, Europe intends to make a WhatsApp user able to exchange texts and media with Signal or iMessage users. And to do so, they don’t even have to download individual applications on their devices.As per a report issued by TechCrunch, Europe’s impending DMA is going to need messaging app organizations with at least 45 million per month active users or 10,000 active users each year to “open up as well as interacting with minor messaging platforms.” That leads major messaging platforms, including WhatsApp and iMessage, to the focal point.According to the EU,“Users of small or big platforms would then be able to exchange messages, send files or make video calls across messaging apps, thus giving them more choice”Moreover, when it comes to making the latest legislation, it has been under development for quite a long time as the European Union has become more strict for technology companies for a couple of past years.The antitrust law is going to place messaging applications under a compatibility commitment. However, for the time being, we don’t have any further details about how WhatsApp and other platforms will cover the way for other applications to utilize their platform to exchange messages.As per a statement given by the EU, messenger services that are going to require to adhere to compatibility guidelines are going to need to open up their APIs for rivals to offer them access to features including user-to-user messages, video and voice calls, as well as file transfers.It is also significant to mention that the EU further intends the major messaging applications to ensure is that even in case there is compatibility, end-to-end encryption must be utilized for everything.According to Andreas Schwab, the European Parliament’s Rapporteur,“It will come — at the same time, it also has to be secure. If the Telecoms Regulators say it is not possible to deliver end-to-end encrypted group chats within the next nine months, then it will come as soon as it is possible, there will be no doubt about that.”

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