June 28, 2022



Some Pixel 6 customers claim that their phones are silently rejecting incoming calls

If you have a Pixel 6 phone, you may be missing calls without even realizing it. Many reports have surfaced claiming that the device automatically rejects calls and does not display missed call notifications.

According to many Reddit threads, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro are automatically rejecting phone calls and routing them to voicemail. This happens even when the caller is someone from the recipient’s stored contacts list. The same claims have been made on Google’s Pixel support forums.

People have attempted to contact them but have been unable to do so, according to Reddit user Merryjaina. Incoming calls were marked as declined in their call log; however, this was not the case. Merryjaina further points out that their Pixel is normally propped up on a desk, so they aren’t aware of incoming calls.

Merryjaina checked many options that could have been causing the issue, but they were all turned off: spam call filtering, WiFi calling, and Do Not Disturb mode. They changed the network settings, double-checked that contacts weren’t set to go straight to voicemail, and double-checked that the signal was strong, but nothing worked. According to the cell provider, it wasn’t an issue on their end, either. What’s unusual is that the missed calls occasionally come through, indicating that it’s a sporadic problem.

One user speculated that people encountering the issue may have enabled Schedules by accident, activating Do Not Disturb under certain circumstances. However, some users report that the problem began after the April update, while others allege that it has been a long-running issue with Pixel 6 phones dating back to the Pixel 2. The problem has yet to be acknowledged by Google.

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The Pixel 6 had many issues, including a delayed fingerprint scanner, a flickering display, and an inability to contact 911 after installing Teams, but Google has released patches.