June 28, 2022



The path to a connected frontline workforce

Our world is getting more collaborative, integrated, and connected. With every passing technological advancement, tasks are getting more automated, workflows more streamlined, and remote communication more accessible—generations of work, from the Industrial Revolution to Industry 4.0, experience bursts of innovation. From the steam engine accelerating the supply chain in the 18th century to high-speed internet and automation changing the face of the industry today, work has always been about adapting to the new.Leveraging the latest technologies has always meant higher operational efficiencies and better agility for business owners and decision-makers. It’s where value is found and where savings and productivity boosts can hide. Business cohesiveness needs to extend to processes and people who enact them, day in and day out.In 2022, having a connected workplace, where disparate employees work at home or in offices  can have access to all assets, products, and business services means centralizing as much as possible into one device. Such a device houses all components necessary for organizations to stay organized, implement change, and manage their services to customers and employees.What can a connected workforce do for your business?A connected worker and a more connected workforce aren’t the futures that we’re aiming toward; it’s what proactive, successful business owners are embracing right now. A Harvard Business Review report revealed that 86% of organizations believe their frontline workers need better technology-enabled insights to make good decisions at work.Consider this: Over 80% of the current global workforce is deskless (no designated workspace). They occupy industries ranging from healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and hospitality to construction. These frontline workers amount to 2.7 billion deskless employees worldwide and failing to engage them only leads to gaps in collaboration, low motivation, and operational inefficiencies. Businesses must ensure that workers  stay connected.Equipping the frontline workforce with the right technologyThe frontline worker has traditionally been underserved by technology. Although these workers have consistently been essential to our society, they somehow fall out of focus when it comes to the investment priorities of organizations.The pandemic was a catalyst for spurring rapid digital transformation for information workers, and data suggests we’re at a similar inflection point for the frontline workforce. Choosing the right communication tool to support these at-the-coalface employees only strengthens workplace efficiencies.A complete unified platform that consolidates critical workflows into one fully connected device is a solution by Zebra Workforce ConnectTM. It’s where communication and information flow freely, and the gaps between teams, workflows, and data sharing are narrowed by keeping all things “work” on one powerful hand-held tool.An ideal, unified digital workplace solution can transform a business by empowering its frontline workers. All required apps and platforms a business needs are hosted, closing the communication gaps between staff, consolidating key workflows, and keeping mission-critical data streams available.Today, many frontline workers use multiple devices to reach and understand data and communicate with other parties throughout the day. Breakages and unreliable information result in ‘comms disconnects,’ costing businesses time and money. Points where this is primarily a problem include employees switching devices to get the job done.A solution like Zebra Workforce Connect offers a convenient way to carry all workers’ voice and data communications capabilities into one easy-to-use and easy-to-manage device. With Zebra Technologies’ mobile computers, workers can access business applications and information. The devices also work like a global walkie-talkie that enables push-to-talk calls with other co-workers  over any WiFi or cellular network.Zebra’s mobile computers with Workforce Connect can also be used as a mobile desk phone that allows workers to take and make Private Branch Exchange (PBX) calls anywhere in your facility. The platform enables workers to exchange secure text messages with other users anywhere.When it comes to the retail industry, Workforce Connect empowers retail associates by shifting their work from transactional tasks to higher-value  collaborations that  elevates the customer  experience through access to real-time information. In the healthcare sector, caregivers can increase patient safety leading to better outcomes with instant access to assistance and medical records. And in the world of manufacturing, transportation & logistics, Workforce Connect can enhance workflows and location visibility across the warehouse and in the field, leading to improved productivity levels.It’s time to close the information and communication gaps, and usher in a new era of transformation. Learn more about how Zebra Workforce Connect can help you make an impact where it counts.

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