June 30, 2022



Twitter prohibits ads that controvert science on climate change

As per the recent statement given by the microblogging platform Twitter, it is not going to allow advertisers who refuse the scientific consensus on climate change on its platform from now on. Also, echoing a strategy already in progress at the search giant Google.The company further gives a statement on Friday in which it outlines its latest policy. The tech giant said in the statement that “Ads must not degrade significant conversations about the climate crisis.”However, Twitter did not provide any information about when it is going to implement this change and what users’ posts are going to impact by this on the social media website, which together with Facebook has been targeted by communities aiming at promoting deceptive claims about climate change.Apart from that, the announcement come to light at the same time as Earth Day came hours ahead of the European Union approving a deal demanding major technology giants to examine their sites with greater attention for hate speech, misleading information, and additional injurious content.According to Twitter, it would offer more details in this regard in a couple of coming months and also will inform how it is intending to offer authentic, commanding context to the climate conversations its users participate in, comprising same from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As per the report by the UN-backed science panel, the induces and effects of climate change offer the foundation for international negotiations to restrain climate change.Moreover, the tech giant already has a devoted climate subject on its website and provided what it explained in contemplation of pre-bunks during the UN climate conference the previous year in order to contradict misleading information regarding this problem.

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