June 28, 2022



You can pay for parking using your voice if you are an Android user

The search giant Google is continuously rolling out several features for its users in order to improve the user experience. Now the company is introducing the latest features which let users pay for parking utilizing their voice. Google additionally added the latest screen time widget in order to provide assistance to its users in enhancing their digital habits.

With the most recent Google features, Android users will now be able to pay for parking utilizing their voice, and for this, you only have to say “Hey Google, pay for parking.”

However, this will only work with the help of Google Assistant and Google Pay. Despite the fact that the digital assistant already has masses of functionality, the most recent one could be more beneficial to rapidly pay for parking.

According to a blog post of the company,

“No more coins, no more confusion. And when you need to check your parking status or pay for more parking, just say, “Hey Google, parking status” and “Hey Google, extend parking.”

After an Android user will ask Google Assistant to pay for parking, they will have to follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the process of payment. Users are further going to be able to examine the parking status or expand parking.

Nevertheless, the feature is accessible for users in the US. The company has collaborated with ParkMobile to make it simpler for users to pay for parking, which has restricted reach.

According to Google, the feature is just “accessible in ParkMobile street parking zones in over 400 cities in the US.” However, the company is anticipated to collaborate with more tech giants in times to come. The feature must be accessible to all the users in a couple of impending weeks.

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Moreover, users are further going to see the latest screen time widget that is going to rapidly assist in providing a glimpse of the three applications users use the most daily.

To use this widget, just tap on the widget to open Digital Wellbeing. There you are going to find a few methods to enhance your digital habits, including daily timers for your applications, Focus and Bedtime modes.